Dutch Design Week 2020

Isola Design District 

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Isola Design Gallery  collaborates every year with different architects to design unconventional exhibitions sets during the physical events of Milan Design Weeks. Due to the cancellation of various events, we wanted to take this opportunity to create digital experiences for the digital visitors. For Dutch Design Week 2020, the digitally curated exhibition of Milan Design Market created in collaboration with Notoo Studio and 3DD factory.

Get ready to live a mesmerizing virtual experience surrounded by a suggestive desert atmosphere, where products emerge from the sand, the same way we are from these difficult times. While navigating in this peaceful imaginary space you can see and buy the pieces of 20 bespoke designers, which are carefully selected from of Isola Design District’s community.




Founded by Chiara Luzzatto, Fabia Picchioni and Riccardo Arletti NOTOOstudio is a creative laboratory, a mix of young architects, graphic and interior designers that deals with the production of 3d and photographic images, installations and sets. 

Starting from constant research, based on technical and artistic skills, we travel through the world of interior design and visual communications.

We create imaginary worlds, give life to deep thinking and develop products using artistic sets that have their own identity. 

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3DD Factory




3DD Factory is a design studio born in the heart of Milan by Dylan Campardo and Diego Rapuzzi in 2017.

The two young designers, respectively 26 and 24 years old and both graduates from the European Institute of Design in Milan (IED), they shape reality in a contemporary, metaphysical and surreal key.

Their design, their furnishings act as a teleporter and they lead to distant, imaginary places where everything is possible.
They are art director, interior, product and 3D graphic designers. Their 3D software attitude and their multidisciplinary method led them to collaborate with internationally renowned brands such as Discovery, Kartell, Hogan, Etro and Zeiss

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Circular Wall Lamp - Small white opaque

Designer: Wisse Trooster


The Small edition of the Circular wall lamp collection. Recycled materials are giving the wall lamp its frivolous and elegant appearance.
For the small version sheet material made from recycled plastics, such as plastic cutting boards and yogurt pots, have been selected. (Including power cord & cable dimmer)

Material: Recycled plastic

Dimension: 20cm disc made from recycled yogurt pots, 30cm long LED opaque light tube

Price: 380€