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Light Knit

Designer: Madalin Gheorghe


Light Knit is a 3d printed lampshade made from responsibly sourced recycled PET. New aesthetic possibilities of the translucent material are explored through a weaving technique that generates a jagged pattern of reflections and refractions, thus rendering an almost immaterial property to the object. The weaving technique plays an important structural role as well, by reinforcing the slightly brittle recycled plastic. The design process involves custom generative software tools developed inhouse that negotiate between the aesthetics of the object and the limitations of FDM 3d printing technology while generating precise machine instructions for fabrication.

Material: Recycled PETG, Wood

Dimension: 47cm (H) x 43.5cm (W) / 

18.5” (H) x 17.1” (W)

Price: 400€

Dutch Design Week 2020

Milan Design Market


Isola Design District 

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