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Designer: BHULLS


Elementary geometries, sharp design, this full aluminum armchair it’s a solid, light and comfy seat that strongly characterises every space. The frames are realised by 3 mm thick rectangular pro- files welded in concentric triangles and the seat it’s composed by 5 mm thick sheet panels. It’s a super large armchair, inspired by dutch cities and imagined as a sidewalk armchair. Indebuurt (that in dutch means in the neighborhood) it’s strong, light enough, weatherproof and you can even use it to lock up your bike!

Totally customizable in finishes and colours.

Material: Aluminum

Dimension: armchair/640 (width) x 660 (depth) x 800 (height) mm

Price: 3000€

Dutch Design Week 2020

Milan Design Market


Isola Design District 

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